Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year! Photo Update.

Happy New Year!

Mary-Ann updated the blog on the 27th December, on the 28th, my Aunty Lucy rang up and asked if we would update it again as she checks it everyday and is always disappointing when nothing has changed! Sorry Aunty Lucy, everyday is a little much, I'm not sure we'd get any work done, but we will try to be a little more regular. I am going to try and do a proper house update, showing the rooms as they were and as they are now some time soon. 

Sandy, Tom and Adam have been with us this week, which has been lovely, but as I am behind with the blog you will hear more about that next time. We hope you had a safe journey home!

This is going to be quite a quick post as Pete Middleton delivered a load of logs yesterday and Nick and I are going to stack them.

Moonlight over the house just before Christmas. Makes the new roof look pretty spectacular! 

Testing out my new camera.

           Rough weather washed up a lot of seaweed onto the beach. Unfortunately this was just the start of it...                

Cassie trying out the scarf sling! Nick tells me I baby her... It only happened the once, I promise.

The sunrise is such a sight here that it's really difficult to choose just one picture. Especially when my new camera makes everything look so much better than my old one. I would definitely recommend a good bridge camera, I have just bought a Sony Cyber Shot HX300, it has a 50x zoom, which for someone with very little photographic experience is amazing. Adam (co house owner) has just bought a Nikon DSLR-which is what prompted me to upgrade- out of which he is getting pretty amazing photos, some of which I am hoping he will upload soon! It's quite interesting to see the difference between the photos of the two when we are taking exactly the same thing... The quality on Adam's is significantly better, but again, I like being able to zoom in 50x, or even 200x on digital zoom. So I think we both made the right choices for ourselves, as Adam will bother to learn all about it, buy the lenses and experiment with all the different modes, whereas I wouldn't! I also don't think I would ever get around to carrying anything more than the camera anywhere. So that's it for this little camera spiel, highlighting my extreme ignorance on the subject, but letting you all know what I am using!

I love the light reflecting off the canoes and Nick's Shetland Skiff in this one. We had to move them that day as the storm was blowing up and they would have been washed away. We left the big boat, and the seaweed line is a about half way up it!

It's really interesting how the edges of the sun are almost blurred but the foreground is in focus. 

Some mornings the sun is massive.

The last days of Roland's boat.

I know this is not in focus at all- I had not yet discovered sport mode-but it shows Cassie and Isla's play relationship perfectly. Isla knocks Cassie over, then jumps over her, and so on..

Cassie is incredibly submissive with Isla, but somehow still manages to get her own way, pretty much every time, whether it's a case of stealing her bone, or making her get out of her bed!

She is a very pretty little puppy... Well I think so anyway. But look how big her paws are. Below the joint they look like full grown dog legs, they are bigger than Isla's!

All the wood arrived for the stud walls, very exciting.

Another sunrise.

This one was so bright! I can get up in time for he sunrise these days, as it is at about half past 8.

Trying my Christmas reindeer by the fire.

These are everywhere in Dorset- without the carved noses,  hasten to add! I made one for Topsy, and before I knew it I had two orders in for them! 

Sunset from Tigh Cargaman, Topsy's house, where we stayed over Christmas, originally just for 2 nights, but it ended up being five, because we were so warm and comfortable!

Nick and I on Christmas day.

I'm not sure we're quite going to get through all that...

Nick's hungry.

My two Christmas cakes and mince pies.

Topsy, Mary-Ann and I.

The storm blew the scaffolding batons around like match sticks.

A few more of Isla and Cassie playing on the beach. Cassie seems to have very over active ears.

She is also very fond of eating seaweed.

The seaweed came right over the bank!

Isla looks very concerned in this one, not quite sure what the problem was, but maybe she had just remembered Cassie.

The seaweed bank was level with the grass bank, about a metre high.

During the storm.

2014 has not had the best start in our family, but we hope the other 362 days or so are better for all of you. Especially my cousin Ben who was in hospital yesterday for an operation. he is now home, and I expect desperately looking forward to seeing his favourite cousin next week..! 

Next week Nick and I are going to be heading down South, as my two year old cousin passed away on the 28th December. Isaac has been in hospital since March 2013 after having a bone marrow transplant. This is very sad news and all our thoughts are with his parents, my cousin Sophie, and Andy. Also with his grandparents, Helen and Ian as well as the rest of the family and friends. We will see you soon.

                                                                                                                              ~ Jenny


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