Monday, 27 January 2014

Bubbles and Waves Saligo Bay

When it's blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs, what better way to spend a Sunday on Islay than getting out in it! 
We headed to Saligo Bay on the West coast, as it was a SW force 8, with flasks of coffee, flapjack, 2 dogs and a full set of waterproofs.

When the girls were small we called Saligo Bay 
"The beach where the tide comes in" 
and it does with sudden huge surges, which send you scrambling up the rocks if you are caught out.

You can tell by Cassie's ears that it's windy!

Here I have just taken possession of a dead seagull Cassie retrieved off the beach and luckily gave up quite easily for a biscuit. Jenny carried her away.
Guess how many layers we had under the waterproofs?

Ahead it looked just like snow, but in fact.... was bubbles, 
"blown spume", if you know your John Masefield!

...and when Nick jumped in, so did Isla'...and disappeared!

Lots of screaming from Jenny and Nick found a collar...

...more bubbles...

So, who is that in the purple trapper hat?

Wouldn't be seen dead in it she said!
...but it was cold

...and then the sun came out...

 ...highlighting the enormous waves...

...which pound onto the rocks and surge up the beach...
Nick is busy working out how to paddle his boat through it, 
I am busy walking away...nothing changes!

..and this is a little one for bird lovers like Lucy, Bob and Jan, 
 swan in Dower House Bay.

...and this one is for Sue and Spuddy,  friends from Manston School who follow the blog religiously..come on up Spuddy!

...and this is Monday morning, Dan and Katie are pointing Sandy and Tom's chimney stack to music, while Jenny and Mary-Ann are doing the other end. Tomorrow we say Good-bye to Rick, who has helped us through roof, windows and pointing plus many other things. He's off to sunnier climes down South, except we are having better weather at the moment I think!

At the Dower House rain has stopped play, or slowed it down, but it will soon be spring...

Oh and I've ordered my pole chainsaw, with a bit of help from brother Steve, at Accent Fresh, and his delivery men in Norfolk, watch this space!


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