Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter On Islay

So spring is a bit later on Islay than the South of England, but when it arrives the sun just keeps on shining!

Lambs are born

Dogs are kept on leads

The Larch tree has fruit

Don't you just love these cows?

Bonfires are lit

Eider ducks

View from Topsy's Port Ellen

Greylag geese stay to breed

Gorse blooms and smells like a tropical beach

Spot the deer!

Amazing trees!

I'm hiding

Wood sorrel in a tree stump

2 Fallow deer

...and the sun sets on the Oa...

More at the weekend !


Thursday, 10 April 2014

...and then the sun came out!

Spring at The Dower House

The Amazing Kildalton Forest

Cassie can hear...


...lazing around...



... and just across the bay... The Dower House garden wildlife is waking up...

Violets and Celandine

...a Common toad that escaped Cassie and the chickens, 
it must taste horrible!

Archie finds a spot in the sun...

...Where he can look at the view.

Cuckoo flowers and Dog's mercury.

...and the first lambs were born across the bay.

A Gorse bush blooms.

The Beech and Sycamore just in bud.

The forest is about to awaken.

Wow look at that roof!

Sandy and Tom are on their way up for a week to check the progress of their house. They will enjoy the comfort of one of Topsy's cottages at Tigh Cargaman, but perhaps next time they come we may have plumbing, electrics and somewhere to sleep!
Dream on...

Oh and if you are wondering why Isla' dog is not features at the moment, it's not because she is less beautiful than Cassie, she is having a bit of TLC for a few days at Topsy's as the fun and games have upset her arthritis, she'll be back soon.


Monday, 7 April 2014

Round Britain in 10 Days!!

After Jenny's Buildbase incident, I just had to get away!

So I went to Glasgow to meet Ruth and Lucy, we had 3 days of culture, eating out, shopping, eating out, laughing and 
Oh yes...eating out!
I love Glasgow! 
When I lived in Dorset we only heard the bad things, but Glasgow city is just great, it's friendly, easy to explore and I even got to park my car in Alan Kelly's (man who made the Dower House windows) yard, 2 streets away from the Kelvingrove Hotel.
I also met the only other person I know in Glasgow, Andy Thomson, (chainsaw man) who has sorted his life out so well, he can't be persuaded to come back to Islay for now, so we'll just have to manage without him. 

Jenny arrived in Glasgow on the 3rd day to travel to Dorset. I took the wrong road out of Glasgow, but ended up on the Carlisle road anyway. Lucy drove from West Moorland in hysterics at Jenny's jokes all the way to Dorset. I dozed.

So from Islay to Glasgow to Dorset to see Mum and a few friends (not enough), on to Cambridge to see Nick's family, Jenny and I traveled round Britain and our last stop before Islay was Gretna Green. Unbeknown to us the Hotel we booked was THE hotel, Gretna Hall Hotel, where a 100 years ago young couples ran away to get married over the border. Not Mr Darcy of course, he did it properly and Lydia never made it! 
It was great!

Oh Look it's the Finlaggan, where are the little ferries?
We prefer the older ferries as you can stand on top and see everything, the Finlaggan is very smart, but closed in.

Back at the Dower House, Nick shaved his beard off for our  anniversary and I didn't even notice! Hmm not a good start.

Bertie is leading his girls astray on Cnoc beach

The New Saw

Having been let loose with Gary's saw The Dower House just had to have one...and it has not stopped going since it arrived!
One day this will be our home...with running water...electricity...a muddy boots...and quiet.

Some general animal photos

Red deer on Ardtalla estate late one afternoon.

A Walk On The Oa

Cassie found this Common Lizard 

At Topsy's the flowers are coming out and a glass of 
wine on the lawn is just lovely.

First Paddle Of the Year!
(Not counting the rescue of Roland's boat at new Year)

Sun, seals,


...and a can of Coke...

..and home!

Dan and Katie are digging the footings for the new water filtration system.
Dan's using Uncle Chris's "BIG" Mallet, Katie needs a helmet!

Cassie's stealing the tools...

...and walking on glass!

Last, but by no means least...

Martin Armstrong has started 
the electrics.
This is the first fixings

It must be spring!