Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just a Note about Roland's Boat...

Having said yesterday that I would not be updating the blog every day, I now have to eat my words. Sorry...

Anyways, just wanted to post a link to the short film Adam has made of moving Roland's boat. (which was wrecked in the storm on the 27th) It was originally in the rocks by the side of our house, but along with Gus, Bertie, a council tractor, Nick, Mary-Ann and myself, we managed to tow it off the rocks and onto the beach. When Roland arrived home, Gus led the operation of moving it into the trees to avoid the coming storms. An eventful couple of days all in all! Anyway, here is the youtube link; give it a watch!



  1. Watched the video earlier, sorry to see Roland's boat in such a bad state. May be I missed it, but did you manage to rescue the missing hull? Hope he'll be afloat again once spring arrives!

  2. We found parts of it. Main bit is still down at Knock Bay. It was totally smashed up though, in about 3 different big parts, so not fixable, Gus thinks he will be able to take a mold from the opposite side though and replace it. The main hull is also completely smashed up where it was stuck on the rocks, so that too will have to be redone. As far as I know they are waiting for the weather to improve enough for them to float it round to Port Ellen!

    1. Sorry to hear that, fingers crossed Gus can sort it out and make it sail the waves again!