Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Christmas Everyone!

The lead up to Christmas in the Dower House 

Archie shares Jenny with Cassie! 

 Cassie eats seaweed, while Roland's boat waits for the coming storm

A sunny Christmas Eve

We will fill you in with the guttering after Christmas, but are nearly there.

Fixing the gutter brackets

Jenny fixing gutters, Nick sealing windows

Leveling the gutter to make a run.

Shaving the rough end after sawing.

See if it runs..

It works!

Jenny collecting eggs up close and personal to Bertie!

Topsy has problems with the ridge on one of her cottages, with a prolonged gale in progress.

To make it safe, Nick goes to investigate

..and with Jenny to help he replaces the broken bits..

OK perhaps it's not sensible to be on a roof in a gale, but we were safe and stopped the house being ruined inside. When it started to snow it got really very icy cold, but Nick was never one to give up!

Well you all know about the rain this Christmas if you are in the UK!

...and very high tides...

More soon we are staying in Port Ellen with Topsy this week....Bliss!


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