Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Sun Will Always Come Out On Islay!

It is a standing joke in our family that wherever I go the sun always shines. I put it down to a positive attitude, after all if you come to Scotland you may well get rain, but the same applies in Dorset, or wherever you go and sometimes it can be the weeks you are on holiday. If you go with a good pair of boots, waterproofs and an attitude of "make hay while the sun shines" you can nearly always do most of the things you want to. As it happens for the last 25 years of sea canoeing and family holidays in the Hebrides, we have had no really wet holidays, just an average of 3 or 4 wet days in a fortnight and recently it has got better and better. In fact we have often left Dorset as a heatwave finishes to arrive in Scotland, as a heatwave begins. You could call it luck and yes I feel lucky,  but I feel life is what you make it and I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, if it feels right! Friends who care and have the same values for me are the key to being happy.

In August this year, due to there being an odd number of young people we invited an extra to come with our 2 families and ended up with 6 families and 25 people, all staying from the Oa to Ardtalla, the 2 weeks of the olympics. It was the most amazing holiday for everyone, starting with Katie's 21st on the day we arrived. The sun shone every day as we canoed, cycled, eagle watched, ate, walked, swam, barn owl/deer watched, ate,  otter watched, lit beach fires, ate 40 sausages cooked by Jenny, seal watched and slept after many family/friend parties at the Old School, Ardbeg. Wonderful!

It was on this holiday that Jenny and I met the gardener and watched wild horses...


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