Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Selling To Buy!

October 26th to November 3rd 2012

Just to let you know we are back from the land of Dower House enchantment and had an offer for the house in Dorset on the way back...thanks to Jenny and Ben, who got caught on the hop when the estate agent turned up 2 hours earlier than they said! It sold even with dirty washing up in the sink, 3 large dogs, dog beds around, poos on the lawn and dog hairs on the bedroom carpet! So don't listen when they tell you to tidy up, put on the bread and coffee and vacate the building, if someone wants it then it wont make a blind bit of difference! So Jenny and I may be homeless before Christmas and Nick on his way to Islay with Andrew to break down a few walls and start building the dream, one step at a time. Sandy and I saw a rainbow at a crucial part of the house bargaining and used our favourite number to get our asking price too, but that's another story!
It rained a bit, but we also sat on the patio watching the seals and feeding peacocks for lunch one day and when we walked up the fairy hill,
There are no words at the moment to express the beauty and serenity of our new home. Sandy and I got a bit tired of saying WOW!!! I think we may be very proud to be a part of Kildalton and with luck  many others will find their own
peace here and we have found nothing but friendship and help here on Islay.

If you believe in fairies you will love Kildalton, if you don't ....then you soon will!
More soon.


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