Thursday, 11 April 2013

Friends And Workers

From the very beginning we could not have started the dower House project without friends. Many people have said to us how lucky we are and they wish they could do the same thing, but I believe I personally have been working towards this moment all my life. The lessons we learn, the mistakes we make, the people we meet make us what we are and some of those lessons are really hard, but I have no regrets at all.

The friends we have made are amazing and are being added to rapidly. Many of these people are "givers" in some way, often sensitive,  practical and natural teachers in life, though not in schools! They have many talents and are coming together to make the Dower House Dream come true. Nick may have a degree in zoology, but is now using his degree of DIY and Dorset tubes to bring the project together with Andrew's skills in IT and electrics. Myself? I never did get a degree, started at the bottom with many jobs, but have used every skill learned in the last year and will continue to bring them together with all those other skilled friends.

Sandy, Tom and Adam our great friends all through children's schooling and many holidays will bring enthusiasm, bartering, fine decor and many videos and photos, not to mention a lot of strong arm work to the project for as many weeks a year as they can. Also they pay half the wages!

Andrew...well we wouldn't be here if Andrew hadn't hot footed it to Islay, only to find there was no viewing until the following Thursday. If he hadn't been taking photos at Seal Bay and talked to a fellow photographer, who turned out to be the Laird Of Kildalton...and liked him. Coincidences! Our site manager in partnership with Nick...the Boss! They slept here through all the very, very cold weather in Feb and March in many sleeping bags, getting water from the burn and on a Friday night going to...

Topsy at Tigh Cargaman in Port Ellen who has given them a bath, done their washing and wined and dined them every Friday evening. Topsy is our saviour and The Old Stables, one of her lets has become a second home to me on my visits, as I am not quite as hardy as Nick and every few days need some warmth and comfort. Wonderful woman!

Bob, who towed the boat, helped us move, knocked down walls in February and is coming back in May can turn his hand to anything. Birdwatching is a speciality and he's teaching me.

There are many others, Jenny and Adam, at Easter, full of energy, clearing rhodedendrons from the garden. Ben Short knocking off plaster in between revision for GCSE's.

More to come in May, when Angus, Rick and ben Clark arrive.


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