Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year at The Dower House

A New Year!

I have not entitled this entry as Happy New Year as there are so many family and friends suffering this winter. May all the health problems go away soon! Most sadly, this Christmas will be remembered by all our family for the loss of 2 year old Isaac.
All our thoughts are with Sophie and Andy at this time.

After some of the best weather we could have hoped for from February to November 2012, when we worked hard to make sure we had a roof over our heads, December into January 2014 made up for it. Little has been done at The Dower House for a few weeks now except inside pointing and window sealing, as rain, wind and more rain and wind has swept across the whole country. On Islay we have had our moments, when the storms wrecked Roland's boat, our screwed down scaffolding ended up like pick up sticks, seaweed was strewn over the road and Cnoc Bay sea defences were broken. At least on Islay the water has somewhere to go quickly, to the sea, whereas down in Dorset family and friends struggle to get through floods as the River Stour fills rapidly from the hills and floods the valleys as the water rushes to the sea at Christchurch. It's the clay that does it and on Islay drainage seems so much better.
Cnoc Bay this morning.

Cassie is bigger than Bertie now, she's learning to watch not leap!


After the one of the gales the sun shines on a big sea!

When Sandy Tom and Adam came to stay we had a "Pointing Party"!

Tom has the Titan!
Sandy uses her Christmas pointing trowel.
We wear masks as the lime dust gets up your nose
 and gloves as it also shreds your hands!
Adam and Jenny are up in the rafters pointing.

Beautiful colours from the peninsula

Heron at Seal Bay this morning...

Greylag geese and seals at Seal Bay, just look at those colours...

Rescuing the mast on Roland's boat New Years Eve...

The bottom was torn out on the rocks.

..and on the 5th January Rick celebrated his birthday with a meal at The Islay Hotel and with one of Jenny's cakes...a whisky mac fruit cake no less.

So that's it really, I will have some time alone in the Dower House for the first time, while Nick and Jenny have gone South and Rick goes on holiday to Glasgow. The house is very happy with it's new roof, lots of new windows, guttering and pointed walls. While everyone is away I will be making a work plan for the team coming back to take the next step forward. This spring we hope to make rooms in half the upstairs as well as many other things. There is lots to do, but we are happy to be on track and on budget so far. step at a time...
anyone else ready to take the giant leap?

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