Monday, 2 December 2013

Something momentous is happening on Wednesday!

As the Heron stands watch over the sea....

....the wintry dawn breaks through the trees....

...a rainbow glides in front of the Fairy Hill...

...and a beautiful Ash tree leans towards the sea.

...but what is Islay waiting for?

Oh no! Nick's got his head down the chimney again!

Today Rick, Nick and I moved wood and slates to clear the scaffolding for Donald's men to lower the front this week.
We have the guttering!

In the bay Angus the swan is defending his territory

....and wins!

...while I am spraying the woodwork in the roof
 (photo to follow!) 
Nick  puts damp proofing round the windows

4.30pm ...Nick levels the windows by site light

....The sun sets over the chimneys.....


Look what we've just bought for the Dower House

We don't have a name for her yet, but our little pup is 12 weeks old, her Mum is a black lab and her Dad is a German wired haired pointer, they are working dogs on our neighbour's farm. 
Once again it is the right time for a new addition, we were waiting for the perfect pup and she was just next door! No wonder Islay was looking up expectantly.

Any ideas for names gratefully received as Jenny doesn't like any of ours so far, Tilly. Tosca, Annie, Sadie, Skye...perhaps Trouble?

Watch this space!


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