Sunday, 8 December 2013

After the storm!

The day of the storm!

The sun was shrouded in cloud as the promised storm approached

The waves built up around the skerries

"Cat's paws"
Wind and waves flicker in the bay as the wind rushes over the house and swirls down to the beach,
as it blows the waves back the way they have come it makes patterns that look like "cat's paws".

The following morning the waves were as big as bungalows,
Nick was tempted to get his kayak out...
I remember Corryvrechan and the Grey dogs and was not!

Rick's caravan is lashed down in all 4 corners by some of Nick's famous lashings and knots, so he survived the night in tact, if a little lacking in sleep. The temporary wood stores were not so lucky to have any of the famous lashings and were found all over the garden!

Back To Work!

On Friday Donald Baker and Michael came to lower the scaffolding at the front of the house. This is so that we can point the eaves and fit the guttering before all the scaffolding comes down. Our target for that is the end of December.
Rick, Myself and Jenny(back Thursday) will be pointing, then Nick will get us started on fixing the guttering, while he carries on with the windows.

Donald has been coming regularly to check the scaffolding is safe and that we haven't moved any! Apart from the obvious safety aspect, our liability insurance and his demands it!

Donald is one of those people who have been invaluable to us from the start as we need help and guidance through each stage, as I have said before, we would not be where we are in the project if the people on Islay had not been so helpful, when at times we have struggled to know where to go next we just ask someone and it happens!
Sorry that's probably a bit gushing for you men, but it's true.

So the scaffolding is rearranged, hopefully for the last time.

Michael fixing scaffold planks

Gary is coming back to help us with the 58 metres of chimney liners for 6 chimneys and later to put the woodburning stoves in.
The chimney liners arrived in 6 large boxes on a lorry this Friday from "Logfire stoves Ltd" in Lancashire, who gave us by far the best deal, saving a lot of money thanks to Katie's perseverance while I was away.

...and Nick is back up there sealing windows! the rain.
 However he did come to Laphroaig with me today for a little Christmas "spirit" and cheer!

Meanwhile someone got left on the doorstep!

OK! So Jenny was right after all, Tammy was the wrong name!

So Nick, Rick and I sat down with Topsy and a glass of red wine....
She has a long line of stars on her chest, so it's

 after the star constellation Cassiopeia 

Cassie is already herding Bertie and the hens
She sits and stays when she's told...

...but however hard Cassie tries,  Islay still says no!  


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  1. I wish the construction is finally over now. It can be a little bothersome with an unexpected rainfall, while you are not through with the project just yet. The moist can make your foundation weak. It’s just good to know that there are things that entertain you while waiting for your house to be done. :)

    John Spessard