Wednesday, 4 December 2013

It's a dogs life!

"What have you got there?"

A puppy?

"Humph! I'm not having anything to do with it!"

"Oh please play with me"

Whose bed has she pinched?

"It's not fair."

Back in Islay's bed!

"You can keep away from me too!"

"Please Islay, just one cuddle, I'm cold"


"I give up!"

..and after a very exciting, but hard first day at The Dower House Tammy goes to sleep in her own bed....on her own!

Yes we have called her Tammy, after a lot of thinking, 
which means "perfection".

There is a gale blowing on Islay tonight, but soon the sun will come out, it always does! The picture by the fire is for Lucy and sorry Jenny, we had to chose today!

More from the Dower House soon.


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