Thursday, 24 October 2013

Waiting For Jenny!

Waiting For Jenny!

...just when we need a small person to go down the chimney, 
where is Jenny?

Katie drops the hammer head on a rope to measure the depth of the chimney. Twin skinned flexible liner is very expensive so we need to get it right.

 Dan is it there yet?"

 The Boss holds the ladder!

Rick fills another hole....

Nick sets Sandy's stone...

Last job sweep the again!

Another day, another chimney swept, yes there's the brush. 
Shame about the kinks in the chimney, but Gary will help sort it out with flexible liner...Please!

Another job on the list is spraying the woodwork...all of it to stop the rot! We have the safety gear and 25 litres of wood treatment to start. Shame it leaked, we'll have to warn the Duffies driver.



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