Sunday, 20 October 2013

Remembering why we're here when it's raining!

Life would be so dull without bees and flowers!

 Ben GCSE summer, full of surprises!

Jenny...enjoying the sea! Nick's sea boat

Islay (dog) waiting to grab the buzzard's food!

...and two more glorious sunsets from the garden....

...taken in PJs and slippers!

As I head South next week, I'll remember the summer and the autumn sunrises and the slates...and the slates...and the slates. By the time I come back we will have windows...and then rooms. 
The sky's the limit!

PS last night I heard a noise like a sword fight outside the front door, chicken that I am I got Nick out of bed and made him open the door.... outside were 2 fallow bucks having a massive argument and they didn't even notice when we shone the torch on them. They finally dance and clattered out of the drive before the loser ran up the road at a gallop! Life is never dull at the Dower House!

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