Thursday, 17 October 2013

Photo Update: Moving Into Our First Autumn On Islay

Katie and Dan on the scaffolding, sorting slates and pointing.

Nick fooling around with the slates (left) and getting on with the slating (right) 
Note the slates to the top between the chimney stacks!

Katie pointing with the trojan drill!

The chickens getting to know the new cockerel, who is now called Bertie, after Bertie Rooster (?) Nick's choice of course. (Our cat is called Archie. Short for... Arch Duke Ferdinand the Furred...!)

Bertie having a shake!

A fallow deer behind the house.

Insects on the ivy.

Katie and Dan off paddling.

Being followed home by the seals!

A selection of sunrises from the house.

Unfortunately, the house doesn't face the right way for sunsets, but the sunrises make up for it by more than enough!

Reflections on the seaside window!

UFO cloud!

It's not just the sunrises that are impressive. The full moon puts on a pretty good show too.


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