Saturday, 5 July 2014

Highlights of the last 2 weeks in June!

This was the sad demise of the rat, who climbed into the lawnmower and got very stuck!

The Starlight walk, 10miles of beautiful scenery, 
of which we only managed 5!

Yvonnes leaving party at the Ardview, 
which is growing popularity by the day as Ashley paints
 her way round the pub to give it a new look!

Nick climbing out of the ditch he had just fallen in, I could add speech bubbles, but I wont!

A Chimney sweep moth, that feeds on Pignut ( 1 of the plant indicators of ancient woodland) in the Dower House garden.

Common blue butterfly at Killinallen...and many other places.

Burnet Rose, a beautiful rose of sand dune and cliff.

Subjects for painting, if I ever get my paints out again!

More orchids.

Cassie cooling off in a burn at Killinallen,
 Isla' stays with Topsy for the long walks these days, she is struggling with arthritis in her shoulder, but otherwise very happy.

Vetch on the dunes.

Small Heath butterfly

Someone can tell me this one, I don't have my books!

Pyramidal orchid with 6 spot burnet moth. Killinallen

Orchids on the High road

The first coat of paint in the Dower House!

Martin Armstrong, our electrician, 
finishing off the first fix in half the upstairs.

Insulation fills every gap to help with sound as well as heat loss.

The ceiling fell down!

My stereo after the ceiling fell down!

Mixing paint, my pale yellow was a bit too sunflower like, 
so I had to tone it down.

More to come, but the sun is shining today and I may just get a boat out to visit the seals...Nick is suffering after a tad too much wine and whisky at Topsy's last night, so may not join me!

Sadly the swans reappeared together with no cygnets, 
if you remember last year they had one, which disappeared
 after 10 days.

The culprits are probably these 2 that play and fish in the bay. This was 4.30 in the morning when I couldn't sleep!

Nick's birthday we spent with the dogs.
A scorching day at Waterfall bay on the Oa after having whisky cake, made by Jenny with Topsy

Jenny protects Isla' from mad Cassie on the way down.

We spent a lovely wild day here 2 years ago with all the family.

An otter walked passed us on the beach.


 That Boadecia is always trying to escape and lay away!

Nick and I went abroad for a holiday to Jura for 3 days and while we were gone Jenny disappeared to work with Gary and Islay, deserting her post and has now gone to Dorset to sing at James Baker's leaving concert, but will be back next Thursday with cousin Ben to resume her post as plasterers labourer.
 Nick and I are still trying to catch up!


P.S. If you're interested Katie and Dan are in Columbia 

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