Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A clean, rat free, place to sleep!

Now we have Gary to organise us, things are moving
 very fast at The Dower House and the speed has been 
helped by a few others giving a helping hand.

This is the last wheel barrow from the Blue room, carrying the computer to the caravan. This room served us well as a rather damp bedroom/living room for many helpers since we started. 
The damp came from the suspended floors, which was very obvious when we removed the old floorboards, as were the old and new rat's nests. 

Martin and  Nick

Ben and jenny arrive back to some beautiful moon rises

                              Nick finally gets out in his boat.

Cassie is doing her best to catch a rat, but Archie seems to disappear into the forest without a care in the world every day.

A beach fire when Bob and family arrive

Jenny training the dogs!

Gary and Nick moving insulation to another place, yet again!

Gary teaches Nick some skills.

...and Nick teaches Gary and Bob some others.

                      Topsy's birthday, Jenny and I made cakes

Mark helps Bob water proof the shelter/store.

Others watch!

Our first bedroom. Rat free!

Ben and a jellyfish

Jenny and Ben make a tea break shelter for Gary and his crew!

Nick, Bob and Gary canoeing with seals.

Lottie got a great shot of this seal when taking 
Ollie and Mikey for a paddle in the Canadian

Jenny and Ben

More soon


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