Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A New Look!

 The Finlaggan at Sunrise

Nick's hobby, if you didn't know, is washing gravel and once we all laughed at him in Dorset, but the fact is if you wash all the 
mud out of gravel on your drive, you wont get weeds! 
The problem, you may already see is that it takes 
many hours, days, weeks to wash a whole drive. 
Not to worry he has many helpers!

After the drains were washed of mud and full of gleaming pebbles, Mr Currie arrived...

...with a big load of gravel!

...for 2 days 
we dug, 
we washed, 
we sieved and shoveled

...until the whole drive was covered in type1 gravel 
(scalpings in Dorset)

...and when we looked at the house we realised 
it was the same colour as the slate.

...as the day turned dreich, 
a lone Fallow buck foraged on the beach

...and the dogs just couldn't be bothered to get up again.


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  1. I've just discovered this transmits in a great format to my smartphone so I'm I utterly hppled on and hooked in. Keep up the great work - that goes for the blog and the renovation. Fabulous MK