Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Arriving back on Islay after two frantic weeks of activity in Dorset, teaching, painting, pond digging, pond dipping, tidying and re-packing was wonderful. I did try to stay awake while Bob drove all the way, but was seen head drooping for much of the journey. I did see the sunset and sunrise though!

Nick has been alone at The Dower House since we all invaded at Easter and has been working on drains and woodwork, but was unable to do much heavy work due to a bout of arthritis. Since we left the bluebells (hyacynths in Scotland), violets more primroses and wood sorrell have appeared as the trees start to come alive with blossom and leaves. The chiff chaff and cuckoo are here and most of the geese have gone. Swallows dip and dive over the beach and rocks and the great northern diver fishes off shore.

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