Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sheds walls and Fallow deer.

I have finally lost count of how many times I have been up and down from Dorset to Islay this year!
Bob drove me both ways at the beginning of May to join Nick who had been on his lonesome for a few weeks rescuing enormous window frames as they collapsed in the gales, digging drains and many other things to keep warm. It rained quite a lot on Islay, with just a glimpse of spring on the Tuesday, which we spent laying concrete with Gordon Currie. We had a visit from Rachel and Alex and waited in vain for the shed to arrive.
 The shed base using up the plaster
 Bob's wall yet to be finished by another artist!
 Sandy and Tom's kitchen where Bob had a shower of the very smelly kind!.

Fallow Deer in Gorse

                                              Bob built the first accommodation to let!
This cheeky chappie we watched for half an hour catch crabs and fish, he always had a mouth full!

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