Monday, 6 July 2015

A Very Out Of Date Photo Update

I started writing this about 2 months ago, so it's very out of date now, but I figured that I may as well finish and publish it anyway as Mary-Ann and I are in Dorset so I have a little time on my hands. More than usual anyway!

Walking at Kilnaughtan with Susan and Monty.

Monty got a bit more than he bargained for..

A Sika deer at Topsy's, Tigh Cargaman.

Looking out toward the castle at Lagavulin, sunset.

Gary building the paneling in the main room downstairs back in March.

Just over 2 days later it's finished.

One of the new outside doors.

The firedoor between the main room and the corridor.

I finally got around to tiling the edges of the fireplace in one of our bedrooms.

Ardillistery Bay.

Playing with seals.

Marking out the plans in Sandy and Tom's kitchen/ diner.

Posing in the kitchen for some size comparisons.

Gary's built the pillars ready for the last of four supporting beams in Sandy and Tom's kitchen.

Easter lambs.

A walk through the woods at Kilnaughtan.

Watching the start of the sunset from the Fairy Hill.

View towards Ardbeg and Lagavulin.

Ardillistry Bay at twilight.

A hare at Kintra just before sunset.

Sunrise at home.

Isla can't walk very far anymore and doesn't like long car trips, so Kilnaughtan is a favourite.

The lily loch.

The waterfall and a few more Kintra sunsets.

I don't know why these are all stuck to the side... Moving them when they don't want to move is outside my limited computer skills anyway..!

One evening I drove out to watch the sunset from the American monument.

Wave like clouds beneath the sun.

Martin putting up the first TV. 2 months later and we still haven't really watched it! 

Testing out the bath...

A day off walk at Gruinart over Easter.

Tiling the wet room floor. 

Gary and I set a small patio outside the front door door using the slates we lifted from the main room inside.

Nick started work on their bedroom en suite.

One of the rescued sea slugs after the storm! 

                                                                                           ~ Jenny


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    1. Good afternoon Amy,
      I am so sorry I didn't get back to you before, but have had a lot of things happening in the family and also a few computer problems over the last month.
      We have obviously missed August the 22nd, but if you are still interested in our project please get back in touch. e-mail

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