Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bluebell time at the Dower House

 New recruits Ben, Angus and Rick admiring the view from the new scaffolding

View of the Fairy Hill from the garden, bluebells,


 Walk on the beach before work starts at 8 am for Nick

Rick photographing Nick's wetsuit boots...from afar!

Family of cows on a day out on the Rhinns

...and the sun kept shining!

The first and last time without a helmet and hi-vis jacket.
 Risk assessments done!

Full Moon Rising

Seals at Seal Bay, the thrift is out.

Rick cleaning the water tanks before they go back in the attics.

Nick and Angus check out the roof and chimneys

A young peacock calls in for breakfast.

Archie's not so sure!

 "Throw us a hammer"!

It was a week of toilets, baths and showers, but no-one got to test it until the end!

Goldfinch through the kitchen window, one for Bob!

 Whisky trips past the Dower House

A Rowan tree growing inside an Ash tree

A walk on the wild side of the Fairy hill 

An old waterway in the hills

The Fairy Hill covered in blue

3 baths

Bluebells and the Larch tree in the Dower House Garden

The Big, Big Sky

3 experienced campers putting up my tent for Angus!

Which bit goes where?

It took a while and needed advice from a woman!

Fallow Deer

Red Deer

Removing Nails

Digging the sewers all day!

Sunset over the Oa

Photographers at work


Angus and Nick replace parts of the rafters

Andrew , Archie and Ben try out the benches.

Archie sleeping in the grass.

Another one of those skies.

Rick made some recycled benches.

The deer ate my cherry tree leaves, Fiona told me they would!

 In 12 days we made benches, mended rafters, built chicken houses, knocked down more walls, walked up the Fairy Hill to pay our respects, ate lots and lots of food, drank a few drinks and had a lot of fun. There were sewers dug, walls finished, nails pulled, sunsets and moon rises, animals and birds. 
I'll be back soon, Mary-Ann

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