Thursday 10 April 2014

...and then the sun came out!

Spring at The Dower House

The Amazing Kildalton Forest

Cassie can hear...


...lazing around...



... and just across the bay... The Dower House garden wildlife is waking up...

Violets and Celandine

...a Common toad that escaped Cassie and the chickens, 
it must taste horrible!

Archie finds a spot in the sun...

...Where he can look at the view.

Cuckoo flowers and Dog's mercury.

...and the first lambs were born across the bay.

A Gorse bush blooms.

The Beech and Sycamore just in bud.

The forest is about to awaken.

Wow look at that roof!

Sandy and Tom are on their way up for a week to check the progress of their house. They will enjoy the comfort of one of Topsy's cottages at Tigh Cargaman, but perhaps next time they come we may have plumbing, electrics and somewhere to sleep!
Dream on...

Oh and if you are wondering why Isla' dog is not features at the moment, it's not because she is less beautiful than Cassie, she is having a bit of TLC for a few days at Topsy's as the fun and games have upset her arthritis, she'll be back soon.


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