Friday 8 November 2013


We found the chickens' first eggs! We probably (definitely) need to get out more, but this has been a cause of major excitement at the Dower House. It's currently unclear whether both these eggs are an achievement of the same chicken or we now have two that are laying. I don't suppose we'll know until we get two on the same morning...

In other news...

  • Archie has killed a shrew. I restrained myself from screaming like a girl when it skidded along the kitchen floor to my feet (Archie had batted it to me a present). Dad put him upstairs last night in the hopes that he might catch some more rodents, but apparently he wasn't very impressed.
  • The remaining windows have arrived safely and despite the excessive quantity of clumsy genes in this house, remain intact and waiting for installation.
  • The lady from the council came about a grant for our water, so that has gone off to be tested again now. We're hoping it won't come back with any deadly bacteria lurking in it...
  • The final end of the roof is being slated as I speak. Both Garry and Willy are up there with Dad and Dan and I are sorting out the slates on the ground. NEARLY FINISHED! I'd be very happy to never see another slate in my life (although I guess they'll be all right when they're just sitting on the roof and don't require any individual pampering). 
  • Rick, I think, is sorting out some holes upstairs now that all those windows are fitted. 
  • My toes have chilblains despite several pairs of socks every day... I thought this problem disappeared with the Victorians!
I think that's about it really. 

Here is a view from the scaffolding on one of the rare occasions that it stopped raining for long enough for me to consider bothering to take my camera up there...

Thanks for reading,

Katie x

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  1. Hi Katie!
    Then I must be a Victorian because I still get chilblains too! Keep the whole body warm and keep wearing hats!
    Love Ruth xx